Sunday, 20 March 2011

Papadopulo Sacked, Lerda Reappointed

Incredibly, just eleven days since their last management change, Torino have once again sacked their manager, and replaced him with the man they had previously dismissed.

Giuseppe Papadopulo's tenure as coach of the seven time champions of Italy proved to be a short one, as defeats in both his two games in charge has led to his prompt dismissal. Torino president Urbano Cairo has reappointed Franco Lerda as coach, the same man who was sacked in order to appoint Papadopulo, as they attempt to find a solution to their terrible run of form, which has seen them lose four games in a row.

This incredible saga is sure to make Cairo even more unpopular with the majority of Torino fans, who see him as one of the main reasons why they are in Serie B. Therefore, the news that Cairo will vacate his position as president at the end of the season is sure to be welcomed. Despite their dreadful recent results, Toro still only find themselves four points away from 6th place, and although it would be unlikely, if Torino could recapture some of the form they enjoyed before Christmas under Lerda, they could make the playoffs.

Whatever happens from now until the end of the season, it promises not to be dull, with Torino, it never is.


  1. Hi i just wanted to comment to say thanks a lot for doing this blog. I have been searching for a foreign team to follow for quite some time and settled on torino a couple of days ago after reading about the superga air disaster. The sadness of this event really moved me and i knew that torino was the team i would chose to follow. I was wondering if you knew of any good websites to look at to help me following torino or of any sites where i might be able to watch games? Once again many thanks for your excellant blog.

  2. Hi, its always good to hear from another Torino fan. One of the reasons I started supporting Torino was after reading about Superga too.

    One of the best websites for information about Torino is the official one, don't worry about not speaking Italian because I don't either, but Google translate does a good job of making sense of it all.

    For watching games, the best website I have found is,

    And Satudays game against Ascoli is already on the schedule so should be able to watch on their.

    if you have anymore questions, feel free to email me on