Saturday, 2 April 2011

Torino 1-0 Grosseto

Football really is a funny game. Just thirteen days ago, Torino seemed to be in crisis, they had just suffered their fourth consecutive defeat against Frosinone, and coach Giuseppe Papadopulo was sacked eleven days after being given the job. However, the decision to re-appoint Franco Lerda as coach may prove to be a masterstroke, as Torino have now won both of their games since his return, and a position in the playoffs at the end of the season now look more realistic.

However, on Friday night, it was Grosseto who had the first opportunity to open the scoring, but Rubinho made a miraculous save from Ferdinando Sforzini's header to keep the scores level. The away team had started the game brightly, and Rubinho was forced into another save, this time from on loan Juventus striker Ciro Immobile's long range shot. Torino's first chance of the game came via Andrea Gasbarroni's long range effort, but Grosseto keeper Antonio Narciso proved he could also make a fine save when called upon. In an entertaining first half, it was Dejan Lazarevic who should have opened his goalscoring account for Torino, but his shot hit the side netting.

Torino had the first meaningful chance of the second half, and it was that man Lazarevic who should have scored again, but blazed his shot high over the bar from just ten yards out, albeit at a difficult angle. Just as it began to look like it would be one of those days, where Torino would be unable to capitalise on their dominance, they got their breakthrough, with just fifteen minutes remaining. A diagonal ball from Alessandro Budel found his central midfield colleague Giuseppe De Feudis in the area who took the ball down with consummate ease and slid a pass to Mirco Antenucci to tap into an unguarded net from eight yards out.

Despite a few nervous moments towards the end of the game, Torino were able to hold on to give them a vital three points. Saturday's results were also kind to Toro, as playoff rivals Livorno were beaten at home and Reggina only managed to draw, and although Vicenza were victorious, Torino find themselves just one point away from the final playoff position.

As one Italian match report stated after the game - Il Toro sta crescendo, The Bull is Growing. That certainly does seem to be the case.


  1. Hi. Managed to catch the game again on friday. Another solid performance i thought. I was very impressed with Lazarevic down the right hand side who seemed to beat the grosseto left back time and time again with ease. Was this more a case of them having a poor left back though or is lazarevic as good as he looked? A couple of hours practicing shooting on the training ground wouldnt go amiss though!I was also impressed with ogbonna at the back and rubinho looks a very accomplished keeper.
    It certainly looks like the team is hitting form at just the right time and im already looking forward to saturdays match against albinoleffe which looks like a winnable game to me before a tricky looking run of games.
    I look forward to your next post.

  2. Hi

    Yeh Lazarevic looked good, but he can be very frustrating at times, he has a lot of pace and can often beat his full back, but his final product isn't always great.

    For a player of his talent, he should really be scoring more goals, and his crossing can be very erratic aswell - he is young though so should improve, although he's only on loan at Torino, his parent club is Genoa so they will probably benefit the most lol.

    I genuinely haven't seen Ogbonna play badly all season, he has everything a centre back needs so wouldn't be surprised if he went to play at a higher level. Rubinho is, like all goalkeepers a bit crazy, can make wonderful saves but then make awful decisions, like running off his line in the 93rd minute like he did on Friday.

    Albinoleffe will be a tough game as they are fighting relegation, but like you say should be winnable. I will be on holiday in Italy in a couple of weeks, so providing I get tickets I should be able to attend the home match against Reggina, although I may be jinxed because everytime I have seen Torino live, we haven't won.

    Out of interest, what English team do you follow?


  3. Hi,
    Since i started following the team weve played 2 won 2 so hopefully my apparent good luck that ive brought the team will nullify your jinxing and youll be able to witness first hand a victory.
    Its a shame i do not bring the same amount of good luck to my english team that i follow. I started to support them in 1991 and since then we have never won the league even though we won it 18 times before. Yep im a liverpool fan.You?
    Are you still gonna be able to update your blog whilst over in italy?

  4. Haha, I'm a Southampton fan so I've had even less success, unless the Johnstone's Paint Trophy counts?

    I will try and update the blog whilst in Italy, if not will do when I get back and upload some of my photos aswell.