Thursday, 22 December 2011

Torino FC Christmas Quiz 2011

As it is Christmas, I thought it would be fun to get into the festive spirit by having a quiz. Email your answers to and whoever gets the most correct answers will receive a prize in the New Year. Competition closes on December 31st.

Good Luck.

1. In what year were Torino FC founded?
2. At which club did Angelo Ogbonna once have a loan spell at?
3. How many goals did Valentino Mazzola score for Italy?
4. Which current Torino player began his career at Chelsea?
5. Who did Torino lose to in the 1992 UEFA Cup final?
6. Who is the only man to have managed both Torino and Southampton?
7. Who scored Torino’s first goal of the 2011/12 league season?
8. How many goals did current Juventus player Fabio Quagliarella score for Torino?
9. Which current Torino player once had a spell at Derby County?
10. Which three teams have Torino lost to this season?
11. In which season did Torino have a scudetto revoked?
12. How many times was Paolo Pulici Serie A top scorer?
13. Which Italian World Cup Winner signed for Torino in 2006?
14. Former Torino winger Gigi Meroni was often compared with which player?
15. What nationality was former Torino midfielder Enzo Scifo?
16. How many times have Torino won the scudetto?
17. Which team played Torino in the aftermath of the Superga disaster in order to raise money for the victim’s families?
18. How many goals did Rolando Bianchi score for Torino in Serie A in the 2008/09 season?
19. Who is the odd one out and why? – Gaby Mudingayi, Andrea Mantovani and Alessandro Matri
20. How many goals did Former England defender Tony Dorigo score for Torino?
21. Why was Torino’s match against Padova abandoned earlier this season?
22. In the 2007/8 season, Torino drew 4-4 having been 4-1 down against which team?
23. And who scored two goals in this match for Torino?
24. Which team did ‘Il Grande Torino’ beat 10-0 in the 1947/48 season?
25. When did Torino last beat Juventus?
26. Which current Torino player was born in Varese?
27. How many goals did Nottingham Forest flop Andrea Silenzi score for Torino?
28. Who is Torino’s all-time appearance maker?
29. Against which country did Alessandro Rosina make his Italy debut?
30. Which former Torino player was named African footballer of the year on three occasions?

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