Sunday, 8 April 2012

Torino 1-0 Reggina (Match Abandoned at Half Time)

For the second time this season Torino started a game but didn't finish it as their game against Reggina was abandoned at half time due to torrential rain with the home side leading at 1-0.

Kamil Glik, Giuseppe De Feudis, Alen Stevanovic and Rolando Bianchi came into the starting eleven with Toro lining up in a 4-3-3 formation.

Torino took the lead after fifteen minutes thanks to Kamil Glik's bullet header from Alessandro Parisi's free kick from the right wing.

However that goal spurred the away side into life, and Francesco Benussi had to make good saves to deny Nicolas Viola and Emiliano Bonazzoli. Antonino BarillĂ  also came close to getting an equaliser, but his long range shot hit the post before being cleared away by Matteo Darmian.

However, an incredible downpour of rain in Turin before the start of the second half left the pitch unplayable, and the referee abandoned the match at half time. As the rules state in Italian football, the game will be restarted for the second half with the home side 1-0 ahead, and although their was speculation that the match would be rearranged for Saturday, it is more likely to be replayed in May.


  1. great blog, sorry for my bad english, we are pride that your love for Torino F.C.

    But in U.K. is Torino F.C. known?
    Have you other friends which are Torino F.C. supporters?


  2. Ciao, It is always nice to hear from a fellow Torino fan :)

    Don't apologise about your English, it is much better than my Italian.

    A few of my friends in England look out for Torino results because they know I am a fan, and I have also met a few Toro fans who are from England via Twitter.

    But overall I would say that Torino F.C is probably not that well known by the average English football fan. They would probably know that they are in Serie B, but I doubt they would know about our history - 7 Scudetti and the Superga Tragedy etc.

    I find it odd that not many people in England know about the Superga tragedy, because in comparison, the Manchester United Munich Air Disaster that happened in 1958 is widely known about.

    That was one of the reasons for creating the blog, to make Torino F.C more known around the world :)

    1. Wonderful,
      if you want use all the materials present in our amatorial site.

      It's in italian, but there is ever google translation.

      And in the next days i want write an article of this blog.

  3. Thanks a lot, I had a look at your website - and saw that you met Kamil Glik after the Gubbio match haha.

    If you want to ask me a few more questions regarding why I became a Toro fan to put on your site that would be fine, I could also interview you and put the answers on my blog.

    Forza Torino

    1. Hello,

      I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd pop in and say hello and than you for running this site. It's not easy following Torino in English, though hopefully things will be much easier next year when they're in Serie A. I'm certain they'll be promoted this year as, if they don't and Juventus wins the Scudetto, I plan on destroying the world. So, no pressure Toro, no pressure. Anyway, thanks again for the work you do on the site.

      New York

  4. Hi Chad, nice to speak to an American Toro fan, how did you come to support Torino?

    Yeh I found it difficult to find any news on Toro in English even in Serie A, so decided to start the blog. Had a bit of a slip up recently but still looking good for promotion, really hope this is our year.


    1. Hi Rob,

      I'd followed soccer (sorry for my Americanism! Maybe I should call it calcio here?) off and on most of my life. My brother played and I used to go to San Jose Quakes games as a kid (George Best was on the team though I was too young to appreciate it). I'd always followed the US National team but around the 2002 World Cup I found I had a much larger appetite for the game and became interested in European soccer. After a lot of reading and watching games I found myself latching on to Tottenham and Torino because of what I perceive as romantic histories of the clubs and that neither are the powers of Man U or Milan or Barcelona, etc. It seemed cheap to jump on the bandwagon of those clubs. Also, with Torino, it helps that I really, really dislike Juventus. I also support SC Freiburg since my girlfriend lived there and is a supporter. I've actually been to games now at WHL and in Freiburg and hope to get to Torino next season. Hopefully it's for a Serie A game, but if their still in the 2nd Division, that's fine, too. Now, hopefully Tottenham can take down the Juventus of the EPL (Apologies if that's anyone's English club. I say these things tongue in cheek, mostly.)

  5. Hi Chad,

    Sorry for delay in replying - really is good to hear from fellow English speaking Toro fans, really doesn't seem to be many when compared to Milan and Juve. I became a fan for similar reasons to you really, was on a family holiday to Italy and wanted to pick an Italian team to support. I didn't want to pick one of the usual 'big clubs' and after reading about Toro's fantastic but tragic history my mind was made up.

    I'd say the Juventus of the EPL are Manchester United, but I'm a Southampton fan so no worries about offending me. Like Torino we are looking to gain a promotion to the top tier this season.

    An OK result for Torino today, 0-0 at Bari. I watched it and felt the win was there for the taking, but with two home games on the horizon, its still in our own hands.


    P.S Not sure if you will know this, but a few seasons ago Tottenham and Torino played a friendly in London. If your into collecting Sports memorabilia you may be interested in this, as it is a Programme (Do they have those in the States) from the match on the UK Ebay -