Saturday, 19 May 2012

Torino V Modena Preview

After three seasons in Italy's second tier, Torino can confirm promotion to Serie A if they beat Modena on Sunday afternoon.

Toro will be without the injured Rolando Bianchi, so Mirco Antenucci and Riccardo Meggiorini are expected to start upfront. Alen Stevanovic and Cristian Pasquato have both returned to the squad, and the latter will be looking to start against his former side.

Modena are firmly ensconced in mid-table, and have little to play for in the two remaining games of the season - apart from their own personal pride. However, they were victorious in the reverse fixture back in December, so they are definitely capable of ruining Torino's promotion party.

Torino 2-0 Modena


  1. Congratulations for the blog and for the precise prediction. We're back to where we belong and I hope we stay there forever. The one and only greatest Italian football club.

    Cheers from a brazilian Torino fan.

  2. Thanks a lot Andre. My predictions are not usually so precise. How did you become a Torino fan? And what Brazilian team do you follow?

  3. Bring on Juventus! We'll take care of what the chumps in Serie A couldn't do this year!

    New York City Torino fan.

  4. I would take survival in Serie A next season. Then the year after that we can take care of Juventus. Been a long long time since we won a derby...1995 I think.

  5. Yeah, realistically, we won't beat them. It's fun to dream, though. La salvezza would be good enough, absolutely. I'm just looking forward to be able to watch the games legally with a decent reception and no advertisements for Japanese pornography popping up. Unfortunately for us in the States, Fox (Sky in Europe) lost the U.S. broadcast rights to Al Jazeera so I'm not sure right now where or how the games will be shown. Hopefully they get things sorted quickly.