Friday, 24 August 2012

Torino FC Prediction Game

As regular followers of the blog will know, at the end of each match preview I usually give my own individual prediction of what I believe the score will be.

Whilst I have had mixed successes doing this, I've decided it could be an idea to open this up to anybody else who wants to try and predict Torino's results, and at the end of the season, whoever is most successful, will win a small prize.

  • Predictions will only count for Torino's 38 league games this season, and all predictions must be sent to me either via the comments section on the blog, or on Twitter by the time the match you are attempting to predict kicks off. 
  • Scoring will be as follows - a correct prediction will earn three points, predicting the correct margin of victory will earn two points, and if the result is correct, that will earn one point.
  • For example, by these rules, if you were predicting last weeks Coppa Italia match against Lecce, if you had put down your prediction as being 4-2 to Torino(the actual result) you would have gained the maximum three points. If you thought it would be 2-0 to Torino, you would get two points, and if you thought the result would be 1-0 to Torino, you would gain one point.
Hopefully that all makes sense, there is no obligation to make a prediction for every match, and I will try and remind everyone to put their predictions in ahead of each game.

I've also set up a Serie A Fantasy Football team on the following website - - feel free to join the league I have created as well, details are -

League Name : Lega Granata
League Code : M13ZuqO0

Good Luck


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  2. Sure, email address is -