Friday, 3 May 2013

Il Grande Torino - Never Forgotten

Tomorrow marks the 64th anniversary of the Superga air disaster, when the must successful team in Torino's history tragically died in a plane crash.

Despite this being a well-known story within Italy, I am aware that in other countries (England especially) the tale of 'Il Grande Torino' is largely unknown. Therefore, I have created the below video as an attempt to spread the word of Torino to the English speaking community.

I hope you enjoy my tribute.

If you are unable to view this video, then please let me know and I will try and see whether it will be possible to host the video on a different website. If you would like to learn more about 'Il Grande Torino' then feel free to read this article I wrote two years ago - which can be found here.

Forza Il Grande Torino 

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